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With ground breaking projects like "The Animal Blood Register we do our best to meet the challenges, was even highlighted on Fuji TV in Japan and won a Yahoo Top Five "Finds of the Year" award. All out projects get our full attention, from large organisations to small independent business.

Our web designers work closely with the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, the European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and the British and Irish division of the EVDI. We also delighed to help the Small Animal Medicine Society (SAMSoc) develop their organisation on-line. Our sites allow the organisation to delegate duties of the site and incorporate new features as needed.We are award winning designers!

  We are award winning designers!

This sounds expensive but actually it is very affordable. Because the system is so flexible it allows administrators the scope to add-in new features and content without the web designers, so the cost is stable and affordable. One of our systems has a choice of over eight thousand plug-in applications which make your site a feature rich and cornerstone application. Most are free to use and your administrator can install by pointing their mouse! This is so flexible, you could even run your veterinary practice shop on-line with one of our sites and link to the social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter to enhance the relationship with your practice clientèle.

Big vet groups verses independent practices

As a business your practice depends on the loyalty of your clients, so what happens when a larger veterinary group open a branch nearby, can you compete?

With 'loss leaders' the larger groups can offer seemingly unbeatable deals to the pet owners in your area. One way to protect your practice is make sure you have a publishing engine that can re-enforce your practice brand and not only care for your existing clients but help you attract new pet owners too. The larger groups have well funded internet schemes, you can defend your business with a professional site from Famous Websites® at a fraction of the cost.

Service Level Agreements

We know how busy you are and even though you 'can' log in and make instant changes to your site doesn't mean you have enough time! So our clients benefit from an optional service level agreement which allows them to budget for regular support and on-going assistance with their website then concentrate on their client's pets.

Key benefits

  • Low cost high performance web software.
  • Agility, the site can change quickly.
  • SEO tuning.
  • Cross networking to social media.
  • On-going consultations on development.
  • Practical assistance on backups, email accounts etc.
  • Editorial liaison, photo editing and formats.
  • Stabilizes website running costs

If you would like to discuss your project call +44 01327 344410 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!