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Keeping your website costs down...

A Service Level Agreement can also be very cost effective. At Famous Websites® our SLA contracts are fixed to twelve months and can be paid for on a monthly basis, quarterly or in one purchase. Your contract has a period each month which is alloted to work on your behalf. One might say having a part-paymen scheme is an ecconomical benefit in its own right but there's more.

Very often we are called upon to undertake 'Piece-work' meaning it's ad-hoc work, this is billed at thirty minute intervals. However, with an SLA if over a given month all the work is wrapped into the alloted time. For example, let's say you've allowed an hour per month, withou an SLA should two small duties pop-up, that's ad-hoc piece work and even if they only take a few minutes each, it's an hour billing. Again, that's simply the nature of piece work. Now, if you have an SLA in place, those fall into it's allocated time and are included.

So if on just a one hour per month SLA you have four fifteen minute duties to be included, you're already getting a 50% discount on normal business rates. It can by higher than 50% too.

Building a team

One of the great benefits of an SLA is the support it offers to your own staff. With websites, as they mature allsorts of new design and functional requirements can come along. The SLA means we work with your staff and help them take advantage of the systems to maximize your investment in web applications.

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